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I joined this site 3 days ago and currently have 130 dollars approved doing free offers.

How do you earn money on CashDuck? You complete a variety of offers - trial memberships, surveys, and more - and are paid for completing them. Some offers cost money to complete, but you will always be paid more for completing the offer than it cost you. This is not a get rich quick scheme, and you won't be able to quit your job using this site, but you will be able to make some extra money to use towards your goals.

In addition to earning money, with every offer you complete you will also earn feathers which you can use towards great prizes like movie tickets and gift cards.

So sign up and try it out if you're into easy GPT sites.
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Forced Team Profits

This site is seeking interested parties before phase 1 starts. join now and get to be the first in line.

What is Forced Team Profits? Is it like a Forced Matrix?

Yes and No..A forced matrix will build you a downline as will Forced Team Profits..The major difference between the two is that a forced matrix requires you to refer members to their program before you can participate in the earnings and they will only allow you to communicate with the downline after you've either completed a task or upgraded..Forced Team Profits is a downline builder but it allows you to start earning profits almost immediately..I don't just build a downline for you and claim there are so many people under you, I actually place people under you in a income producing MLM program. Lets face it, even when you do get to contact the downlines in a forced matrix the response is never good.

There are 4 stages. check the site out to find out more.

You must stay active in each stage to move to the next.

By progressing through the four stages I can guarantee everyone, even the newbies, a income greater than the cost to be a member of these programs each month.

I will be placing members in the order I receive their responses to this offer..I plan on launching stage one of this campaign in a couple weeks.

Check it out - Forced Team Profits

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Last month I went around and spread the word about Treasure Trooper and now I'm here to tell you about a program that I'm doing in conjunction with Treasure Trooper.

The website is called Cash Crate- a direct competitor. I've found they approve offers faster than Treasure Trooper, and there are more free offers. The great thing about cash crate is they send you an email as soon as an offer is approved/could not be approved, and why.

They have a very supportive forum, and like Treasure Trooper, you get paid the 15th of every month for the previous month.

Example:March 1-end of the month get paid in April.

The minimum payout is 5 dollars, which is not hard to do since most of the free offers take SECONDS and are worth 40-60 cents.

Please join up via this link- I won't lie- I DO get a referral commission (but this does not affect your earnings at all).

Feel free to ask any questions. This program is very new, so if you haven't heard anything about it/dont understand, it's understandable.

Proof for the skeptics

Guarenteed Paid Surveys

I have been a member of Trendz Surveys since they started. They will offer you surveys every day and you will be paid via Paypal or EGold $5.00 per survey. Currently they are sending 1-2 surveys a day, but have announced they will be sending more surveys per member soon. This is honest, real, steady income. You WIll get a survey every single day and you Will get paid.
They offer a free 7 day trial for free, and should you wish to stay, membership is only $25.00.
Visit Trendz Surveys by clicking Here for more information.

Blog and Get Paid

I found this new site online and I was curious if it worked.  It's run through Google so I think that it is legit.  I've signed up.  If nothing else, it's a great way to reach a huge audience of readers.  Try it out; they say that you can really start earning money fast.

Click here and sign up today.

P.S. Comment and let me know how much you are earning.  I;m seriously curious as to if this really works.

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$25 FOR FREEEE!!!!

Check this's the new thing, similar to PayPal. When you sign up, you get TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS. This will be accepted at eBay pretty soon too!

No, it doesn't cost you anything, it's FREE!!!
No, you don't need a credit card, you just need to sign up!!
No, you don't have to fill out pages and pages of forms and tell lots of personal information, only one page, that's it!!!
No, you do not need to collect referrals or sign up for any offers, they will give you $25 bucks right away if you sign up under my ID!!

IT IS TOTALLY FREE AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO JUMP THROUGH ANY HOOPS! You'll get $25 right away only by joining!

Just one, addy, pick a username & password.
Even if you plan on staying with PayPal, ***please*** sign up cuz it gives us both free money... Come on guys, please please please???


hi, i'm new. =)

Hi, i'm new to netbux. I've been on it for a couple of days, and I only have $3.40 .. I use all my 40 searches everyday, but I would love some refferals from people who didn't sign up yet:

I also had to buy two extra refferals for $6 .. so I'll see how that goes. Thanks!
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I've been paid, Have you?

Get paid to surf the web with Pay-Pup and NetBux!!!

Netbux allows you to earn up to 80 cents a day, not including your referral credits. Pay-Pup allows up to $1.00 per day direct earnings.

Lets say you had 10 referrals, each searching the maximum 40 times per day. You would earn $264.00 with NetBux, and $330 with Pay-Pup. That's nearly $600/mo for FREE just for having 10 friends search the web for you. And of course, they would be getting paid for their searches too!

Need Proof?Collapse )

How It Works
Members get paid to search the internet. There are no strings or gimmicks. You simply register with Pay-Pup and/or NetBux, and you earn money instantly from your very first search. You will earn $0.02 for every search you make for up to 50 paid searches per day, therefore the maximum pay per day for your individual searching is $1.00. Note: A paid search is one that is unique to your other searches, meaning that you will not get paid for searching the same thing twice.

To make things even better, you will also earn $0.02 for every search that your referrals make for up to 50 searches a day as well! Therefore the maximum pay per day for each referral is $1.00. The more referrals, the more money! Upon registration, you will be given a unique referral url (also located in your 'stats' area) that you can give out to your friends, post it on your website, blog, etc. We also have some images that you can use to help advertise online with.

There really isn't much to it. You search the net and you earn money. You refer your friends and you'll earn even more money. Your member statistics are updated instantly so you can always stay on top of your earned monies, referrals, searches, etc. We pay you at the beginning of every month via PayPal once you have reached $50 or more.