ethreal_callie (ethreal_callie) wrote in paidsites,

2Bux is a new paid to click program that is in prelaunch status.  What i like about this program is its referral program. You earn $2.00 for every active referrals and subsequently, $0.01 for every ad your referrals click. Here's more about it:

Till 1.February 2Bux is In Pre-Launch when you can spread the word about us and refer your friends to join under you, because you will get paid $2 bonus for EVERY active referral what will reach at least $1 in his account starting from 01.02.2008 , There is No maximum how much you can earn you will be paid for every active referral who will join under you -$2 bonus(This bonus is paid only once) and $0.01 for each of your referral paid Ad click!

You will be able to start to click on Paid Ads Starting from 1.February when 2bux will be out of pre-launch! Pre-launch is made to gather more members and advertisers so in this way when we start you will get much more of Ads(at least 20ads per day) where to click and much higher earnings!

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