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Willing to Downline exchange!

Here is a review of some online money making sites that I’m currently involved in.

It is a pretty good PTR email site. There is a $5.00 payout, but unlike other sites where links are only worth $.0025 or less, every SharedMail link is worth .75 - 1cent. This means you can reach payout pretty fast.

They also have great support! I was unable to verify my account due to a red X error in the verification code, and a simple email to the Mods fixed my problem, fast and easy. And of course, they really pay.

This is my #1 PTR site online, so I want to share it with everyone.

This is another site I really enjoy:

This is a very cool site that requires you to click links, each worth 1cent. However, these links are not emailed, they are on a website you log into (which is nice because it keeps track of which links are active for you and which still need to be reset). I set the links page as my homepage, that way every time I’m bored and jumping online, I can see right away if there are any new links for me to click (so I never miss any).


This has a $5.00 payout as well – again, pretty easy to reach. They also offer 100% referral levels. This means that for every person you refer, you get one cent for every link THEY click, as well as your own clicks. That means ONE referral will double your earnings.  And, if you’re like me and are not very good at promoting, you can buy 25 referrals for $40.00. I haven’t done this, but I’m thinking about it – assuming those members stay active, that is a huge increase.


But this is a great site, that I only spend maybe 5 minutes a day at. Please consider joining here.

And now maybe you can help me. I’d like to do a downline exchange – if you sign up and are active in one of my programs, I’d gladly return the favor! I’m interested in sites that have a high PTP exchange (I’m currently involved with Purple with Passion PTR which gives $.70CPM. Something similar or higher would be great.

I’ve also been considering joining MyLot (and similar programs), so if you would like me in your downline there, leave a comment here or in my own journal to let me know!

Crossposted a few times because I don’t know which communities are still active. Sorry if you see it twice.


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